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Beginner's Guide to Polymer Clay (Book)
Sculpey Beginner Guide to Polymer Clay is full of easy and beautiful projects from jewelry to home d..
Beginner's Guide to Polymer Clay Jewelry (Book)
Sculpey Beginner's Guide to Polymer Clay Jewelry provides detailed instructions on how to make beaut..
Carving Blocks, Basswood, Whittler's Kit
The idea wood for carving, the basswood Whittler's Kit include three basswood blocks measuring betwe..
Clay Press/Pasta Machine, Studio 71
Studio 71 Polymer Clay Press and Pasta Machine, one per package. ..
Clay Roller Kit
This clay roller kit contains: one 10.5" roller, one rolling board (8" x 10") and 8 nails which can ..
Clay, Marblex (Grey), 5 lb.
Objects modeled with AMACO® Marblex Clay are permanent without firing. Marblex is prepared in p..
Clay, Mexican Pottery (Terra Cotta), 5 lb.
This rich red (terra cotta) color is similar to the clay used in Mexican and Indian Pottery. Little ..
Clay, Stonex (White), 5 lb.
AMACO® Stonex self-hardening white clay is prepared in moist form and ready to use. Water can b..
Clay, Van Aken Plastalina Modeling, 4 Color Sets
Van Aken Plastalina Modeling Clay is a pigmented, oil-based modeling compound that is a favorite of ..
Crafting with Clay (Book)
Learn to create amazing clay beads and jewelry with Leisure Arts Crafting with Clay. There are forty..
Activa® FastMâché is a new, fast-setting formula that is non-toxic and 100% safe in every way. Minim..
I Can't Believe I'm Sculpting Clay Figures (Book)
Leisure Arts I Can't Believe I'm Sculpting Clay Figures is the book you'll want to teach yourself th..
Oven, Polymer Clay and Crafts
The Amaco Polymer Clay and Craft Oven™ is a handy countertop oven that is perfect for warming/b..
Pigments, Powdered, Pearl Ex, 3g
Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments™ mix well in any viscous medium for a metallic/pearlescent effec..
Plaster Cloth, Rigid Wrap, 4" x 180"
Activa® Rigid Wrap™ is a premium quality plaster qauze that is always fast drying and provides an ev..
Pottery Caliper, 8"
Rust-free stainless steel caliper will measure dimensions and easily transfer measurements. ..
Pottery Clay Cutter, Wire
3" hardwood handles with 18" wire will cut or slice large amounts of clay or will cut pots and other..
Pottery Clean Up Tool, 6-1/2"
Double-edged clean-up tool made of stainless steel will remove flaws and imperfections. ..
Pottery Cut Off Needle, 5-1/2"
Thin wood handled needle tool is the basic for the beginning potter. Will remove uneven edges of whe..
Pottery Embossing Tool, Double Stylus
Versatile for pottery, detail work and embossing. ..
Pottery Flower Clay Roller, 3-1/2"
3-1/2" wood roller with sturdy heavy gauge wire will easily roll clay into even thickness. ..
Pottery Hard Fettling Knife, 8"
#9 fettling knife has a harder tempered steel blade useful for trimming, cutting and smoothing surfa..
Pottery Hard Finishing Rubber, 3-1/8" Small
3-1/8" small hard finishing rubber used for shaping and smoothing. ..
Pottery Hard Finishing Rubber, 4-1/4" Large
4-1/4" large hard finishing rubber used for shaping and smoothing. ..
Pottery Lace Tool, 6-1/2"
Double duty with sharp needle and curved clean-up tool. ..
Pottery Lace Tool, 6-3/4", Fine
Dual purpose with fine needle and opposite end with teardrop shaped tool. 6-3/4" length ..
Pottery Loop Tool, 1-3/4" Wide
Stainless steel ribbon end will remove excess clay from wheel-thrown pieces. ..
Pottery Modelling Tool, 8"
Wood modelling tool with slanted tip can be used for cutting, shaping, smoothing and detail wook. ..
Pottery Needle, 2", Heavy Duty
2" sharp needle tool will cut clay and create designs, good for trimming uneven edges. ..
Pottery Scraper, 3-3/4"
3-3/4" stainless steel scraper with one side that is straight and the curved ridged side that can be..
Pottery Soft Fettling Knife, 8"
Softer steel blad is slightly more flexible and useful for trimming, cutting and smoothing surfaces...
Pottery Soft Finishing Rubber, 4-1/4" Large
4-1/4" soft finishing rubber is used for shaping and smoothing. ..
Pottery Tool Kit w/Apron
The eight most popular pottery tools available in one specially priced value pack with a free canvas..
Pottery Wipe Out Tool
Double-ended rubber tips will conveniently remove paint from bisqued pieces. ..
Premo Graduated Cutters, 6 piece sets
Each Premo! Graduated Cutter Set package includes six cutters ranging betwen approximately 3/4 inche..
Premo! Accents Sculpey® Polymer Clay, 2 oz.
This remarkable polymer clay quickly reaches a workable state (with a minimum of conditioning) and r..
Premo® Cuff Bracelet
This uniquely designed bracelet is a reusable form that can be used to cuff bracelets. If desired, c..
Premo® Custom Clay Bead Cores, 50/pkg
The Polyform Premo custom bead cores are two-piece silver metallic cores that make it simple to..
Sculpey® Bake & Bond, 2-ounces
This adhesive will adhere raw clay to raw clay, raw clay to baked clay, and baked clay to baked clay..
Sculpey® Bead Baking Rack
The bead baking rack is ideal for baking multiple beads at one time. Eliminate the risk of flat bott..
Sculpey® Bead Maker
Rolling your own beads couldn't be any easier. The Sculpey® Bead Maker can be used to create three d..
Sculpey® Bead Starter Kit
The Sculpey® Bead Start Kit includes clay baking cushion, 400 and 800 grit sandpaper, blade, roller,..
Sculpey® Clay 5-in-1 Tool Kit
Sculpey® Clay Acrylic Roller, Clear, 8-inches
Sculpey® Clay Extruder
This indispensable tool has 19 interchangeable discs for making leaves, clovers, rope, braid, bricks..
Sculpey® Clay Softener, 1-ounce
Sculpey® Glaze
Sculpey® Glaze adds either a bright gloss or smooth satin finish to completed polymer clay projects...
Sculpey® III, Polymer Clay, 2-ounce Bars
This popular oven bake clay maintains tooling and detailing beautifully. Once cured, Sculpey III bak..
Sculpey® Studio Tools Etch 'N Pearl
Sculpey® Studio Tools Etch N Pearl - Etch Detail and Pierce Beads for Baking - Incremental Sizes - 3..
Sculpey® Style & Detail Tool Set (Double Ended)
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