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Basket Frame
Create beautiful, one-of-kind baskets in round or square shapes using this pre-cut basket frame made..
Bear, Flocked, Assorted, 1 Inch
Assorted color flocked bears - 6 per package. These decorative pieces are the perfect embellish..
Bear, Flocked, Fuzzy Brown, 1 Inch
Fuzzy brown flocked bears - 12 per package. These decorative pieces are the perfecct addition to gif..
Bear, Flocked, Fuzzy White, 1 Inch
Fuzzy white flocked bears - 12 per package. These decorative pieces are the perfect addition to gift..
Cricut® Adhesive Matte Foil Sampler Packs 12" x 12", 5/Pkg
Cricut® Adhesive Matte Foil sheets are ideal for making removable decals, labels, home decor, media ..
Cricut® Vinyl Sampler Pack, Glitter, 12" x 12", 6/Pkg
Cricut® Glitter Vinyl sheets can be used to add sparkle as you personalize your life with Cricut® Vi..
Cricut® Vinyl Sampler Packs 12" x 12", 6/Pkg
Cricut® Vinyl Sampler: Metallic. Personalize your life with Cricut® Vinyl. It is perfect for home de..
Cricut® Vinyl Transfer Tape 12" x 48"
Cricut® Vinyl Transfer Tape is clear material with grid lines for precise applications of your Cricu..
Drums, Mini, Assorted Colors, 1 Inch
Assorted color miniature ornamental drums, 1 inch, 6/package. These colorful drugs are per..
Eyelet Setter, Tool Pack
Eyelet setting is a snap with these Fiskar Eyelet Setters.  No hammer needed. Perfect for ..
$20.99 $19.99
Eyelets, Brass, 1/16", 25/Pkg
Specifically selected to work with the Totem Poppets, these adorable 1/16 inch brass eyelets have ju..
Gift Boxes, Holographic, Assorted Colors, 3/4 Inch
Assorted color holographic gift boxes, 3/4 inch cubes, 12/package. These boxes make the perfect holi..
Kreinik Metallic Thread: Very Fine Braid (#4)
Kreinik is the premier metallic thread for cross stitching because it is so soft and easy to use. St..
Mouse, Flocked, Grey, 1 Inch
Grey flocked mouse - 12 per package. These decorative pieces are the perfecct addition to gift wrapp..
Penguin, Flocked, 1.5 Inches
Flocked penquins with red and white Santa hats and green bowties, 1.5 inches tall and 12 per pa..
Snowman, Flocked, 1-1/2 Inches
Flocked snowman, 10 per package. ..
Tape, Color, 15mm x 6m (3/5 in x 6.5 yd)
Little-B color tapes tear and rip beautifully. The paper is a bit translucent so an infinite number ..
Tape, Glitter, 15mm x 5m (3/5 in x 5.5 yd)
Glitter Tape.  The perfect addition to any paper crafting project!  Each package contains ..
Totem Butterfly & Luna Moth
Butterflies and moths are renown worldwide for their amazing metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a..
$6.99 $5.59
Totem Dragonfly
Dragonflies are born in the water, but much like butterflies, they metamorphosis into beautifully-je..
Totem Duck
Ducks are adaptable and clever, and are at home in three worlds—water, land and air. A person with a..
Totem Grasshopper
A sign of good luck, nobility and wisdom in the Asian culture, grasshoppers were often kept in tiny ..
Totem Horse
The horse represents inner strength and driving force in life. Symbolic of physical strength, vitali..
Totem Mouse
While many people think of the mouse in relation to timidity, the mouse is really a go-getter! Mice ..
Totem Owl
Denizens of the night, owls with their yellow eyes, silent flight and haunting cry are mysterious an..
Totem Rabbit
The rabbit’s large ears and wide-set eyes allow them to detect movement, not just in front of them, ..
Totem Wolf
Contrary to the old adage “He/She is a lone wolf…” wolves are quite social animals. A wolf pack is a..
Wood Shapes, Laser Cut, Finishing Accents™, 45 pieces
Full of whimsical spirit, each adorable set of mini laser cut wood shapes from our Finishing Accents..
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